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Welcome to RateMyClassmate.com!

Here you can upload your picture and have others view it and rate it. Its a great way to meet new people too. Not only can you rate other members pictures, you can also leave private messages and comments too! Best of all, membership is totally Free! Signup now and join the fun!

How it works: You signup and become a member. Once signed up you can upload your image. You may also link to your image if you already have it on another server. Once your image is approved by us, it will begin to appear on the site. Visitors will view your image and rate it depending on their own personal opinion. Visitors may also leave public comments about you, and some may even decide to leave you a private message.

Rules: No porn allowed! This means no "naked pictures" allowed. All images are approved by us before being shown on the site. If you upload porn we will delete it. If you link to porn we will delete it. This is an "all ages" site so keep it clean! To keep the site as fast as possible, all images must be smaller than 50k in filesize.


Featured Female

Name :Dancinlady
Rating : 6
Age :18

Name :smokey
Rating : 6
Age :27

Featured Male

Name :bilbo69
Rating : 5
Age :33

Name :happybear
Rating : 4
Age :18

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posted on 01/28/15 by admin: New Members
Wow...we've had SO man new members - welcome to RateMyClassmates.com! Keep submitting those great pictures....


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Guys toplist

Johnb 5.4302
Badbone84 5.0244
Bilbo69 4.9858
Asdfgh 4.6045
Mastashake88 4.4632
Mikeboy201 4.4085
Futuredoc 4.3827
Dmz77724 4.1374
Dakka 4.0833
Jazzy1 4.0783

Girls toplist

Lolalove82 8.5030
Dancinlady 6.0051
Smokey 5.9657
Beamia 5.9387
Fl0werchildx 5.8547
Artemida232 5.7500
Mrgnmckinzie 5.6429
Paperxclip09 5.5894
Kmoneyiscool 5.5803
Soccagirl8820 5.4410

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